Rachel and Tim - Huntsham Court, Devon

I often get asked, ‘What happens if it rains on our day?’ Well, Rachel and Tim’s day was a prime example of a wet wedding! And no, it doesn’t have to spoil you day, and yes, you can still do sparklers in the rain!

I arrived at Huntsham Court near Tiverton on a very wet September morning, in the hope that we would see a break in the weather later on that day. Not a chance! Rachel and Tim were absolute troopers and embraced the rain which is a photographer’s dream!

Ending the night with sparklers and a little dance in the rain, I think we all smashed it!

So if you’re unsure on what to do if it rains…..just have a little look below!

Thanks to Steph for your help second shooting for this one.

Cat SpillerComment